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Extruded Rubber Sealing Strip

Extruded Rubber Sealing Strip

We offer a wide range of extruded rubber sealing strips for you to choose from, including EPDM rubber strips, natural rubber strips, neoprene rubber strip, nitrile rubber strip, silicone rubber strip, etc. The extruded rubber profiles delivered by us are recognized in the market for their salient features such as supreme quality, salient wear resistance, long service life, etc.

EPDM rubber strips (both solid and sponge)
We manufacture and offer EPDM strips to almost any width and thickness. Our range of EPDM rubber strip is extensive with a multitude of different grades and hardnesses of EPDM rubber readily available.

EPDM rubber strips play a crucial part in sealing and spacing throughout a multitude of different industrial sectors. EPDM rubber sealing strips should be used when sealing against ingress of water. Furthermore, its moderate tear strength gives it added value when acting as buffer seals to reduce vibration and shock.

Natural rubber strips (both solid and sponge)
The natural rubber strip can work under the temperature of -40°C to +120°C. Natural rubber strips are extensively used by cars and curtains on account of its excellent resistance to weather and aging. Furthermore, our extruded rubber seal strips resist ozone, acid, heat and steam. These rubber strips also show great performance in insulation.

Neoprene rubber strips (both solid and sponge)
The neoprene rubber strip is an ideal material for edging and sealing applications. It can be easily cut with a knife, and it sticks to most surfaces using contact adhesive.

Nitrile rubber strips (both solid and sponge)
NBR (nitrile butadiene rubber) is a kind of rubber which has good oil resistance, wear resistance and tear resistance. Besides, NBR sealing profiles have outstanding airtightness. Our nitrile rubber strips can work long under 120°C, but NBR rubber sealing strips are not suitable to be used as insulating parts.

Silicone rubber strips (both solid and sponge)
Pressed moulded with 100% virgin silicone rubber, the silicone rubber strips have outstanding durability and anti-aging performance. The silicone rubber sealing strips are also resistant to high/low temperature, oil and fuel, water, weather, Ozone, etc.